About Us

We would like to extend a warm welcome to The Clootie Dumpling dream coffee shop.

Proudly traditional – but naturally casual, you’ll always be treated with a warm welcome at the Clootie Dumpling, amongst the many homemade delights, especially after you see the cake selection through the chocolate box window. The elegantly displayed cakes under traditional glass domes will take you back in time.

Along with the inside seating areas the clootie dumpling is proud to offer a chance to sit outdoors with a small tranquil garden area to the rear which overlooks the River Tay and the Dunkeld Bridge. This small but peaceful oasis gives you a chance to refresh and unwind after your days activities whilst enjoying one of the many refreshments of your choosing.

You’ll always ‘have yer fill’ as if your at yer aunties or in yer granny’s kitchen.
Whilst the menu does vary from time to time, there is one consistent – and exceptionally popular – resident who will always be there to greet you.
And that, of course, is the majestic Clootie Dumpling itself.

Based on Granny’s tried and tested recipe, this fruity wonder has been a Scottish traditional favourite for generations and will have you hooked as soon as the spiced aroma hits your nose. It’s like christmas every day.
Alongside the Dumpling, you can appreciate and enjoy a wide range of baked sweet treats – plus a small selection of hearty savouries – all skillfully baked in-house, completely from scratch. The combination of passion and talent culminates into an extremely delicious array of delicacies to devoir.
You can also indulge in a delightful range of beverages – including delicious locally sourced coffee by Thomsons of Glasgow. With double shot as standard your coffee is sure to delight or if tea is your thing why not try one of our wide range of high quality loose leaf teas served the traditional way in an elegant china teacup. We also offer alternative milks like oat or soya should you prefer.

The heart of The Clootie Dumpling lies in the passion and devotion of its owners and staff to deliver the very best quality with honest, homemade fayre that will keep you coming back time and time again!
So, for an honest insight into a very true scottish experience, ‘come away in’ and experience The Clootie Dumpling!